img-12This blog is for students who are new at college or university. It is also for those who have just finished high school. The blog is written to help students decide which subject to choose in college. We mainly focus on studying psychology. So, you will find lots of articles related to psychology here.

We do thorough research before we post any information in this blog. We take opinions from teachers, student counselors, and others so that the information we provide are valid. We check out the college websites for information. We have a team of talented writers who write articles for us. But we are constantly looking for new writers who can give a different perspective to our blog. We encourage students to in our ‘guest post’ section. We want them to share their stories so that the readers can have a practical guide to their new life at college.


•    Get into the habit of writing which will help you in your college life. You will have to write lots of assignments, reports, etc. every semester. This can be your practice ground.
•    Feel good about sharing your stories with others.
•    Get recognition among students through your writing.
•    A good source of extra income.


•    Your writing should be original and unpublished.
•    It should be well written having no grammatical error.
•    Topics should be related to student life, academics, career, etc. Writings on psychology are encouraged.
•    Your article should be minimum 750 words in length.
•    Your writing might be edited by our expert writers if needed.

If you are interested, send us your writing. We will review it and let you know about our decision. We look forward to hearing from you soon.