Jewellery Maintenance Tips For College Kids

You don’t want to waste your jewellery because you’re aware of its cost. You want it to appear as glamorous as it was the day you bought it. Well, the good news is that you can use the things that you have at home to keep your jewellery sparkling and shine.

People normally purchase expensive jewellery cleaners to maintain the shine of their jewellery. In order to make sure that your gold radiates and your diamonds shine all you need to do is spare some time and get the right ingredients together.

Toothpaste: –

Everyone has a toothpaste at their home and you’ll be glad to know that toothpaste is a useful jewellery cleaner. And if you want to clean up your jewellery on the go then toothpaste is the great option. Take an inch of toothpaste and a tablespoon of warm water and Prepare a loose paste with the mixture of an inch of toothpaste and a tablespoon of warm water.

It grimes off the jewellery by working direct. Its combination with soft-bristled toothbrush brings extraordinary results as it helps you in extra scrubbing.

Toothpaste will prevent it from scratching your jewellery because toothpaste is mildly abrasive. Rinse well once you are done.

Boil Your Jewellery: –

Beware that all type of jewellery cannot be boiled but solid gold can be. Before putting the gold into boiling water make sure that the gold is not cold and nothing is glued on. Pieces that cannot be cleaned by any other ways can easily be cleaned with this method.  You can actually view the tutorial on how to do this and learn about steampunk watches by clicking the link.

Slowly pour the boiled water over your jewellery while it is placed into a bowl and keep pouring in a slow manner until the water covers the jewellery as a whole.

Wait until the water gets cool and then take a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub each piece with it. Dry thoroughly once you are done.

Ammonia: –

People normally use ammonia to clean their floors but they are unaware of its great use that it can also clean their diamonds without any harm. Take a full cup of warm water and the fourth cup of ammonia and mix them together in a bowl or jar. Place the diamonds in this solution for almost 15 minutes. In order to remove grime that remains gently scrub the jewellery with a soft-bristled toothbrush when it is soaked.

Grime and dirt can stick in these areas, therefore, do not forget to get into the setting and crevices on the piece. Dry the piece with a cloth when you have rinsed it.

Vinegar: –

Vinegar has the ability to clean just about anything but you’ll be shocked to hear that it especially useful for gold and gemstones. Make sure that you use white vinegar only. Place the jewellery in a bowl or jar and start pouring the white vinegar on it until it is covered completely.

Leave the jewellery in it for almost 15 minutes and don’t forget to agitate it by moving it around after few minutes. Gently scrub your jewellery with a soft-bristled toothbrush once it is done soaking. It will help you remove the grime.

Challenges to Overcome While at University

College is usually an academically challenging time for any student, but for those with learning disabilities the post-secondary level of education can present new difficulties. While organization and study skills remain important, there is also an increased need for self-advocacy at the college level in order to access valuable resources that can facilitate success.

Ultimately, success in college is determined by satisfactorily completing all curriculum requirements and graduating. The following strategies and suggestions are intended to assist college students with learning disabilities in achieving this goal.

1. Know Thyself. The more you know about your interests, strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning style (e.g., visual, auditory, tactile), study habits, career interests, and other areas the more you will be able to effectively advocate for yourself and receive assistance in achieving your educational goals. Self-awareness is extremely important at the college level and beyond.

2. Get Tested. If you haven’t already had your learning disability officially diagnosed and documented by a qualified professional, it is to your advantage to do so. Proper documentation on file at your college entitles you to receive appropriate accommodations and services as required by federal law (e.g., Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Whereas in the past your parents and teachers made sure all of the paperwork was in order, in college the responsibility for doing this shifts to you, the student. You must take the initiative. Once you take an active role in your education, a variety of special resources will become available.

3. Read the Orientation Materials. Knowledge is power, and this information is given to students for a reason. The more you know about your college, its graduation requirements, and available services the better prepared you will be for a successful experience. Review the college website, viewbooks (glossy, colorful brochures used as marketing tools for colleges), brochures and handouts as well as the student handbook and course catalog as early as possible.

Pay particular attention to services available to students with disabilities as well as other more general resources on campus such as career planning services, health and counseling services, financial aid assistance, housing assistance, academic support services, etc.

4. Speak to Your Professors. They will provide extra help during their “office hours” or other times as arranged. It is important to let your professors know in the first week of classes that you may need accommodations (after you fail the first quiz or exam may be too late).

If your learning disability is affecting your performance in a particular class your professor should be able to assist you and direct you to other appropriate resources. It is best to seek help when you first experience difficulty before the material becomes too complicated, your grade is significantly affected, and time runs out for the semester. If you follow these rules, they will most certainly help you overcome any hardships.

5. Seek Out Support. In addition to friends, try to find a mentor, tutor(s), and study buddies. College is difficult and you do not have to go through it alone. You need people who can provide academic and social support. A mentor can guide you through the college years and help you plan for your future. Tutors can spend extra time with you on your problem subjects to help you understand the material and prepare for tests. Fellow students can help by sharing information and studying with you.

6. Schedule Your Courses Wisely. Actively select your courses taking into account your special needs and interests along with any school requirements. Don’t simply let your advisor (or worse, the computer) select all of your classes.

Try to vary the types of courses selected for your semester schedule (i.e., don’t take five heavy-duty reading courses at one time) and allow extra time for courses which will pose more of a challenge for you (e.g., reading, writing, math). Be sure to adjust your credit load accordingly. Get recommendations on courses from students who have actually taken the course so that you have some idea of what to expect from the course and the professor.

7. Take Developmental Classes. Your college will likely offer classes on orientation/adjustment; study skills (e.g., textbook reading, note taking, research and paper writing, time management); remedial reading, writing, and math, etc.

These classes can help you make a good transition to college and acquire the necessary skills in order to be academically successful. Ask your high school teachers to recommend courses that would best help you and work with your advisor at college to select appropriate developmental classes.

8. Manage Your Time. Organization and structure will help you to be successful in college. Develop daily, weekly, and semester schedules to help plan and coordinate your studying, employment, and social activities.

Be efficient in the use of your time and build study breaks into your schedule. A general guideline for the amount of study time is that on a weekly basis a student should spend two hours studying for a class for every hour spent in that class, however, this can vary depending on the student and his or her special needs. Although the school is a priority, try to find a workable balance between school and your other activities.

9. Use Compensatory Strategies. Rather than focusing solely on your areas of difficulty, remember to also focus on your strengths. We all have strengths. If you struggle with numbers and are planning to take a college math course, then try to balance out your course load with another course that is easier for you and perhaps even fun.

Study during your best times and use learning approaches that work for you (e.g., verbal rehearsal, notecards that chunk information into smaller bits, study partners, etc.). These may be different from what other students are doing and it may sometimes take you longer, but if it works – use it. The goal is to do well in your classes and this may require some extra effort on your part.

10. Remember The Basics. Proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important for everyone. If your body is not healthy it will not be able to function at its best and your attempts at academic success will be compromised. Mental health is also important. If you experience anxiety or depression, or other medical conditions (either physical or psychological) you should seek help at your college’s student health center, counseling center, or consult with your family physician.

4 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews 2017

Zero gravity massage chairs are the best as they can recline any position and adjust with all body kinds of body structures. Here is a list of the top 4 zero gravity massage chair reviews 2017. 

  1. Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving Kahuna Massage Chair

    kahuna massage chair
    Kahuna massage chair

    This massage chair by Kahuna has three levels of gravity. It is a specially designed frame structure with airbag system and zero gravity positions. The chair has a shape of roller trail that is designed to support to your neck, back and all the way to buttocks. The position in which you sit on the chair decompresses each spine of the body increasing the effects of massage. The double layer shoulder bags provide full supports to your arms and shoulders so you can relax your body on the chair and enjoy a thorough massage. Zero gravity feature of the chair helps to spread the user’s weight across the chair, leading to a comfortable posture. There is also a yoga stretching function in this massage chair. The foot area in the massage chair has dual foot rollers that work on the foot muscles. The therapeutic effects of the chair are incredibly effective, and you will feel the results immediately. Another amazing feature is the body scan technology, which measures your body automatically and sets the chair for a custom fit body massage.


2. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Builtin Heat Zero Gravity Positioning

This is one of the luxury massage chairs by Ideal. This massage chair is based on the Shiatsu massage therapy techniques along with zero gravity. It gives a rich, therapeutic and relaxing massage that just pulls out all the stress from your body and soothes your nerves and muscles. There is rolling and kneading option in the chair that gives an effective massage. It stretches out your back and works on the knots that lead to unbearable muscle pain. Also, there are vibrators in the seat cushion that stimulate the dilation of blood vessels, making it easier for the blood to flow to all the organs of the body. Moreover, this dilation pushes away thick blood from the vessels to avoid any clots. There is a touch system to customize the settings.

3. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair is also based on the idea of shiatsu massage with zero gravity. With eight massage points in the chair, it is a complete massage tool that relaxes you from head to toe. It has a comfortable seat and 35 airbags placed all over the chair. The seat cushion of the massage chair includes a vibrator, an air squeeze and heat option. You can choose between the three or just run a combination. Moreover, the footrest can be extended as per the height of the user. The chair may be a little heavy, but with wheels, it is easy to move from one room to the other.  




4. Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

This massage chair is an upgraded version of all the massage chairs that are launched by Osaki till today. It is a re-engineered version of air massage technology. This chair streamlines the air massager to a lower count. In comparison to the previous models, the total number of working valves reduces while putting lesser stress on the chair. Key features of the chair include hip air massage, six different massage styles, an easy to use remote, auto recline leg extension and zero gravity design. All of these features collectively make it a desirable choice. You can have a relaxing massage at the day end and get rid of all the stiffness in your body within a few minutes.


Content Reference: 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews on the Market

How to Pay Your Student Loans Faster and Save Money

One of the major financial obstacles that millennials face today is paying off their student loan. These loans prevent new graduates from grabbing new financial opportunities. It is found that the average student debt for 2016 graduates is $37,173. Here are five ways you can get out of this debt.

1. Think of loan as a mortgage

img-7Treat the loan like a mortgage and pay larger amounts to cut the principal faster. This will result in fewer interest charges. So, the entire loan amount will come down. Another way is to pay twice a month, instead of once. By paying off the loans early, you can use the money you are earning now in some good investments.

2. Have a 3 to 5-year plan

img-10You can make a 3 to 5-year plan to clear your debt. You should know exactly when the loan ends so that you can make a good plan. If you have a goal in place, you will know exactly what to pay each month. So, it will become part of your monthly routine, just like paying for your telephone or cable TV.

3. Have a college repayment fund

img-5You can try to save an extra $100 or $200 in a separate account by automatic savings. This will speed up repayment. This is like forced savings and is a very effective method. Make sure that the amount deposited here will only be used to pay off college debts.

4. Take up a part-time job and start to repay early

img-9You can earn some extra cash while studying in college. This way you can start early to pay off your college debt. This will lower the loan amount, and you will have to pay less after you graduate.

5. Don’t live for today, concentrate on future

img-6Don’t spend on expensive items after you get a job. Your priority must be paying off your loan. So, focus on that. You can enjoy your life later.

People who are successful in life are those who are clear of their debts and are careful about saving money for the future. You should think of ways to save money instead of spending them on unnecessary luxuries.

5 Reasons Why You Should Major in Psychology

Most of you might not know that one of the most popular college majors is Psychology. This degree offers students the opportunity for personal growth and also opens up a huge range of career opportunities. If you are still wondering whether earning a psychology degree is the right choice or not, here are some reasons you might consider.

It opens up door to various careers

It provides you various career paths. Students can focus on areas that they find interesting and tailor their education accordingly. Some of the potential professions are clinical psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, etc.

It is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and others around you

By studying psychology, you will be able to understand why people behave in a certain way. You will also be able to learn more about your emotions and actions. You can get a greater understanding of people by learning psychology. You can use your skills in jobs like health care, social services, politics, advertising, etc.

Job prospect is good

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of psychologies is expected to increase at a rate of 12 through the year 2018. The areas of school psychology, clinical psychology, and industrial-organisational psychology are expected to have a high demand for psychologists.
It is fun and rewarding

Studying psychology is fun. You will get to solve many theoretical and practical problems. You can help people resolve complex emotional problems. The works are very rewarding.

You can make a difference to people’s lives

If you have a degree in psychology, you will be able to dedicate your time and energy in helping people overcome their adversity. You can help people to improve their well-being.

Psychology is a very demanding subject now, and it has a great future prospect. If you have the interest, it is a good idea to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology.

The 4 Best Psychology Undergraduate Programs

Studying the details of human experiences is the main goal of a psychology program. If you choose psychology in your undergraduate program, you will be able to work in schools, government offices, and heath care facilities after you graduate.  These are the best psychology programs this year.

Stanford University

Stanford UniversityThis university is recognized worldwide for its research and innovation. The undergraduate program is very competitive here. Stanford offers the best undergraduate psychology program. It offers incredible learning experience by forming good relationships with students, faculty members and research team.  It is renowned for psychological research. The psychology majors get the opportunity to collaborate with the best psychologists. They also get to work on research projects. The major programs of the psychology department include neuroscience, affective science, social, cognitive and developmental psychology.

Yale University

Yale UniversityIt is a renowned institution for its research facilities. It offers students a great environment for pursuing scientific studies.The psychology department is connected to many research projects and has collaboration with other universities. In the last five years, 100% of students who pursued doctoral degrees passed the license exam. The main research areas are neuroscience, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.

Harvard University

Harvard UniversityIt is a top university in the world and is well known for its psychology department. Famous people like B.F. Skinner, William James, Gorno Allport, Henry Murray and George Miller have graduated from this university. The research areas include clinical psychology, cognitive, behavior, developmental and social psychology.

University of Pennsylvania

University of PennsylvaniaThis university has an excellent psychology program. It has the top faculties and is ranked one of the best institutions for studying psychology. Research areas of this university include brain, cognitive and decision science, social psychology and clinical psychology.

The universities are ranked according to the quality of faculty, internship opportunities available to psychology majors, and the overall ranking. Psychology has been identified as the top 3 preferable subjects to study in the undergraduate program. If you are thinking of studying psychology, then try to get into one of these top institutions.