The 4 Best Psychology Undergraduate Programs

Studying the details of human experiences is the main goal of a psychology program. If you choose psychology in your undergraduate program, you will be able to work in schools, government offices, and heath care facilities after you graduate.  These are the best psychology programs this year.

Stanford University

Stanford UniversityThis university is recognized worldwide for its research and innovation. The undergraduate program is very competitive here. Stanford offers the best undergraduate psychology program. It offers incredible learning experience by forming good relationships with students, faculty members and research team.  It is renowned for psychological research. The psychology majors get the opportunity to collaborate with the best psychologists. They also get to work on research projects. The major programs of the psychology department include neuroscience, affective science, social, cognitive and developmental psychology.

Yale University

Yale UniversityIt is a renowned institution for its research facilities. It offers students a great environment for pursuing scientific studies.The psychology department is connected to many research projects and has collaboration with other universities. In the last five years, 100% of students who pursued doctoral degrees passed the license exam. The main research areas are neuroscience, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.

Harvard University

Harvard UniversityIt is a top university in the world and is well known for its psychology department. Famous people like B.F. Skinner, William James, Gorno Allport, Henry Murray and George Miller have graduated from this university. The research areas include clinical psychology, cognitive, behavior, developmental and social psychology.

University of Pennsylvania

University of PennsylvaniaThis university has an excellent psychology program. It has the top faculties and is ranked one of the best institutions for studying psychology. Research areas of this university include brain, cognitive and decision science, social psychology and clinical psychology.

The universities are ranked according to the quality of faculty, internship opportunities available to psychology majors, and the overall ranking. Psychology has been identified as the top 3 preferable subjects to study in the undergraduate program. If you are thinking of studying psychology, then try to get into one of these top institutions.


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