Here are some tips for choosing an electric smoker for your next barbeque


Having a barbeque party in your apartment this Saturday? Did you already pick a smoker you would like to introduce to friends and family? If not, better start looking – because perfectly smoked and tasty meat can come only through the most amazing smoker.


For those of you who are living in apartments with nice outdoor patio area, the best choice for a barbeque party is an electric smoker. Why? Because of its “set it and forget it” user philosophy, which enables you to get the best smoked meat with the least possible mess made.


In order to help you decide which electric smoker is the perfect fit for you, here are some basic tips what you should be looking for in an electric smoker:


Can you afford it – before you make any move on the purchase, you should set a budget. Price can be a huge factor in making the buying decision – no matter how much you like a product, the price will always be a breaking point. Make sure you do your research first, inform on the prices, and then set the budget accordingly. Here is a great cheap electric smoker on a budget for first timers.


Is it easy to maintain – electric smokers in general are easier to maintain than wood, coal or pellet smokers. However, not every electric smoker is the same; some of them are easier to clean than the others. This should be another key point when deciding which electric smoker you should choose. If the cleaning takes no longer than a couple of minutes, that’s the one you should pick.


What’s its unit dimensions – unit dimensions play an important part in your buying decision. If your outdoor patio area is small, you should pick a smoker that will fit its dimension. Otherwise, you can pick a bigger one if your apartment has a nice balcony or some place that is big enough to have it. The right size of the smoker should reflect its purpose – where it will stand and what it will be used for.


What’s its layer structure – electric smokers come fitted with various kinds of trays, which can be placed horizontally or at some inclination. Both positions have its own benefits – horizontal ones are better for preparing meat, while the other ones are better for preparing fish. Besides the position of the trays, you should pay attention on the material they’re made of. You should aim at the durable material.


Does it have preinstalled caveats – electric smokers should come with preinstalled caveats that allows the extra heat and steam to come out of the combustion chamber.


What’s its heat structure – when it comes to heat structure, almost every electric smoker contains a specific heat structure that helps the meat to cook faster and evenly. The main difference is whether a smoker contains a heat system that send the heat upside down and at sides or the other way around. For a nice home barbeque party, you may go with the one that sends heat from the bottom up.


Temperature control – one of the key components of great electric smoker is a temperature and time control. If you want to prepare meals that are tasty and full-flavoured, you need to look what kind of temperature controlling mechanism a smoker has. Smokers with thermostat are a good choice, but if you seek perfection, you might choose one with rheostats instead.


Thinking of moving to India? Here are some benefits of living in India you can look forward to

Moving can be stressful and exhausting, especially when you decided to move to another country. The insecurity and the fear of the unknown are your best friend months before and after your arrival to another place.


Luckily, every country on this planet has something unique to offer to its residents. In case you’re thinking about moving to India, this is what you can expect:


#1 Cost of living are insanely small


In comparison to the even lowest rent in the U.S., the living costs in India are insanely small! For example, a monthly rent in India is worth almost third of the rent in the U.S – with bills included. This means that you can either save a lot of money living in India or you can afford a premium home for a decent price. That’s not the case in the U.S. – where you need to spend a fortune on a decent place.


#2 Medical facilities are top notch

It’s no secret that the medical treatment in India is one of the best in the world. All top ranked surgeons and doctors are available to anyone who is living in India. A premium medical care is something that India is known for and that’s something you can count on while living there.


#3 Fresh and healthy bites for a small price


There aren’t big vendors in India. Unlike the U.S. and other capitalist countries, India is investing in small vendor. They like to say that even someone with a modest schooling can learn to run a retail – and that’s something they’re extremely proud of. Around almost every corner you will find a nice and friendly grocery shops with the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. The best part – it’s not expensive, either!

#4 Tipping is not mandatory


In Europe and the U.S., tipping a waiter in the restaurant is something you can’t choose, but in India it’s all up to you whether you’ll be generous or not. Indians are extremely casual in regards to tipping, and that’s one of the unusual points of their behavior.


#5 People are extremely friendly


In India, it’s all about the relationships. They are extremely friendly people. You might find it strange, but they will consider you for their friend after one or two conversations. The only thing they seek in friendship it that you have some mutual interest and they choose to stay loyal for life. They are fascinating people with rich tradition of helping others and respecting their community. If you ever find in trouble while you’re in India, they will be glad to help you. Very generous and selfless people who asks nothing in return and know how to keep their friendships healthy.


#6 Affordable household help

It’s not unusual that you hire household help in India – almost every family, regardless of their social or economic status, has maids, cleaning staff and other helping staff in their household. On the top of all that, it’s very affordable and people in India are looking for every opportunity to make some extra income for their families.



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