How to Fake a Doctor’s Note for Work

Your school, work, professional job or other obligations are stressful. But oftentimes, it isn’t so easy to find a legitimate way to get a day off. Getting a fake doctor’s note is the solution.

In today’s world, it may be hard to get a mental health break for most of the people. Today, it’s important to look for sick notes that appear to be authentic. And most importantly how to use them properly with fewer chances of getting caught.  If you’re not sick, look up some symptoms online so your excuse has more credibility to it.

People normally make stupid mistakes while making a fake note which typically puts their job at risk. In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways that you can fake a doctor’s note without getting into trouble.

A sick note:

A blank note from a doctor to excuse an absence is certainly not impossible but it’s a bit difficult. Forging a real person’s signature is likely illegal, therefore, avoid doing this as it can get you into trouble.

Don’t worry though, there are certain ways that you can get around this, which we’ll outline below.

Finding an editable and printable blank template of a doctor’s form:

There are plenty of websites available on the internet that provide free and paid templates of real doctor’s notes. There is the wide range of options available, but consider choosing the one that is editable and comes with a watermark, or a web address when printed – click for more info. Free doctor’s notes are too risky, therefore, only use them if you are using it as a joke.

Editing the template to match your information:

Keep in mind that this note is supposed to excuse your absence, therefore, it should be self-explanatory.

A solid medical reason or excuse for the absence:

sick guy at workThis can be template-specific. For instance, the treated medical condition is normally described in the hospital or emergency room discharge documents. On the contrary, the family doctor will not provide any additional medical information and will only state that such treatment indeed occurred.

Try to make the reason for hospital discharge slightly embarrassing if you decide to include one because it will prevent someone from double-checking it.  Just don’t make it too off the wall though.  Here are some of the most common health issues to get you started.

Entering the info and contact number of doctor or hospital:

This is considered to be the most important part of any sick note. You are supposed to provide a fictitious doctor’s name. Employing verification of the information may happen in the case of a longer absence. Adding a real phone number with physician’s name will provide extra support to your claim, as the details will match the real information.

Consistency should be there between the used template and the information regarding the physician.

Submitting Your Fake Note:

This is also a crucial step. You don’t know that who will review your form in the H.R. department at your organization. There are few things that you should check twice before submitting your doctor’s excuse template such as your name, address, the date of your visit with the physician, and do not forget to check the doctor’s information as well. As mentioned before, the treatment and diagnosis fall under doctor-patient confidentiality laws, therefore, they are not essential.  But when you call in, just make sure you know what to say.  If you’ve followed everything outlined in this post, you’ll be good to go!

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