Hilarious Gag Gifts – College Campus Pranks


Hilarious Gag Gifts – College Campus Pranks

Everyone has that one friend that went to college in the nineties who just can’t stop pranking people all the time.  College pranks have been a huge hit ever since the first gag gifts were invented, and helped get the ball rolling on one of the funniest times in history.  There have been many famous college pranks, here is one of the most famous.

Pranks like these were the inspiration for movies like Ferris Buellers Day Off, Shawn of The Dead, and many more.  The laid down the foundation for one of the most important times in prank making history.

One of our favorite pranks had to do with buying toilet paper gag gifts and wrapping our professors house in cheetah print tp.  This made wanted posters go up all over the university asking if there was any word on who did the prank, but not a single person squealed on us.  These types of shenanigans have helped set the pace for a million other types of gags and pranks world wide.

When you go to college, sometimes you go more to have fun rather than study… We can’t help it if sometimes we pull some pranks to entertain ourselves.  Some people have their hobbies, we will always have cheap thrills having fun with classic gag gifts and pranks.  College is one of those times where maybe smoking weed with your friends is more important than going to class and studying really hard.  Try telling that to my mom and dad anyway.


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